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Welcome to Runic Miniatures

Runic Miniatures create pewter and resin miniatures for painters and collectors.
The miniatures are sculpted by award-winning figure painter, Jakob Rune Nielsen.
I sell direct worldwide from this website.

You find my miniatures in the Shop where each of my designs is presented with photos from several angles. The shop offers both payment using PayPal or by credit card.

Thanks for looking!

- Jakob Rune Nielsen


July 28th 2011: Defender of the Princess - Little BIG Puppy

Yet another resin model on sale - Little BIG Puppy.
A cute big rather large puppy to guard the Little Princess when she plays in the castle gardens.

May 3rd 2011: Another resin model - Little Knight
Another resin model on sale - Little Knight.
Another little cute, but resolute fighter ready to slay goblins and other evil creatures.
Now...what Little character to do next...?

If you are after the Little Knight and haven't gotten hold of the Little Princess yet, I have created Little Bag offer with both the Little Princess and Knight.
Check out the shop for details.

May 1st 2011: Post and packaging price increase
Due to postal prices rising I am forced to increase the price for post and pakaging. The price goes from 2 Euro to 4 Euro.

February 21st 2011: New resins in from the caster...
Just got the test casts in for my latest sculpts, a Little Knight to match my Little Princess. Also, A big puppy that I did for pure fun. I hope to have both new minis on sale in March.

October 15th 2010: First resin model - Little Princess
Runic miniatures is moving into resin casting. I have got the first models back from the caster and they look fantastic. Crisp and ready for paint.

Little Princess is also a new kind of sculpt created with a new creative approach. I have tried to go for a simple and fun sculpt - easy to paint, and with room for either flat colours are decorative freehand. You decide!

The design process actually involved talking about miniatures and fairytales with my 6-years-old daugther. Also, I wanted to create a miniature with a large head and simple facial features so she could have a succesful go at painting the mini.

December 06th 2008: Bargains and stuff...

The goblin Bag - 3 goblins.

The BIG bag - 6 runic minis.

I have created some bargains for orders of several figures. Check out the shop for prices.
Also, Tas t'Eve, the Seer is being discontinued and is off the shelf from today.

December 11th 2007: Ragny Toadbreath on Sale
Now Ragny Toadbreath is ready to be sold and shipped.

December 1st 2007: Ragny Toadbreath paintjob

Finally a new sculpt ready and back from the caster. As you can see I have painted Ragny up and I must say that I haven't had as much fun painting a mini for a long while.

February 9th 2007: Christian IV all sold, none left!
Well, all the 14 King Christian IV master miniatures have been sold and I only have a spare for my archive and my painted studio-mini left. I hope to see them appear painted on the web over the next months. If you have painted up your Christian IV model why not send me an email with a picture? - I would really appreciate it.

February 5th 2007: Christian IV on sale!
Send me an email if you want to get your hands on one of the exclusive 14 castings that will ever be sold of this design. The model is priced at 15 EURO and you find pictures and a note on the special payment details concerning the Christian IV-miniature through this link.

January 29th 2007: Ever painted a master casting?
...Well, here is a chance to get your hands on a seriously limited miniature - more specific 14 master castings of my interpretation of the Danish King Christian IV. The mini are NOT for sale yet, but if you follow the link above you can see the mini and read about the special way that this guy will be put on sale in the near future...

Also, note that there are only a few days left of my Post-X-mas Bonus-Miniature gesture as described below. In short; only a few days left of the "free Nitti-miniature with all orders"-offer.

December 29th 2006: Post-X-mas Bonus Miniature
As a post-X-mas thing I am gonna add my latest goblin-sculpt, Nitti - the Goblin Judge Assistant, to all orders from today and to the end of January 2007.
No extra charge - just an extra figure.

October 28th 2006:
New mini in the Shop: Snirk - Goblin Ruffian. Altough being quite a simple figure Snirk reveals a little of the direction I want to take Runic Miniatures in the future. Goblins, gunpowder, and classic hats! I hope you like him.

October 6th 2006:
Finally - here is the Runic Miniatures website. Thanks for visiting.

Check out my first miniatures - Tas t'Eve - the Seer, Anya, and Lisa.
These 3 figures were shown last year, but naturally I also have something new to show: Skagg - an orc sculpted deliberately in old-school fashion.
And - off course - there will be more miniatures in the near future...

All models and images contained in this website and its respective pages are copyright Runic Miniatures 2006-2007 and cannot be used, recreated, or sold without our written consent. The domain rights for the website are the exclusive property of Runic Miniatures.

Little BIG Puppy
on sale!